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from Hitomi
  Enjoy experience of buffing therapy nail care at home.
O’Hitomi Buffing Nail Care kit has the secret.
You will discover your healthy natural nails you have never seen before.
  Fingernails without any painting, they are absolutely natural gloss by buffing only.
Fingernails are like diamond stone. They shine only if you buff and polish in one way. They reflect such a beautiful shine just like diamond. You will be pleasantly surprised.
  I have been buffing my own fingernails and toenails for over 30 years, and confident in my beautiful healthy nails.
Received glowing comments from many people in a world.
  More than anything, it is the best personal nail care for health.
You can dress up with regular nail polish or Artificial nail on top if you prefer, but it is incredibly lovely by itself.
  O’Hitomi Buffing Nail Care is like a “skin care” for fingernails. Fingernails are part of our skin, and it is just harder quality.
So you scrub, and polish & massage.Even doctors are impressed.
Recently, some doctors mention how good to take care of fingertips due to linkage to nerves & brain, and stimulations helps anti-aging.
HIFEA founder  Hitomi Okamura profile

Graduated student of Food/diet, nourishment study.
Drawing study in Melbourne/Australia.
Buffing Nail Care Demonstrator in Japan, USA, & Canada.
Diploma: Cook, Manicurist, Pedicurist, Make-up Artist/Skin care Beauty School
Lived & visited 20 countries.
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