O'Hitomi Custom kitV
Items come in the most elegant original package. You will find big difference after you experience by Buffing with O'Hitomi kit. Elegant & healthy, and it is just awesome !
Buffed luster does not come off like painting. Wears off slowly. Nail base color gets pink by blood circulation.
Reproduces natural healthy nails that are damaged by harmful chemicals.
Cuticle (Clear Nail) oil makes cuticle soft & aids transparency of the nails.

Hitomi's nails 2021

Hitomi's nails
All people
female &male who love natural & clean appearance.
Damaged nails by nail polish etc.
Personal kit
Original Cuticle oil
  \3,000(w/tax)  10ml
Sorry for inconvenience but selling kit & oil only in Japan.
damaged toe.                    After care.
80 Years old man's appearance/After.
There were many ridges also dried surface before.
Bare nails beauty for just one time care.
Bride's shiny fingernails.  100% own natural by O'Hitomi buffing.

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